Sally Labadie

After 50 years of working in education-teaching and administration in the public schools and as a course instructor in science, a field instructor, and finally an administrator in the education department of Michigan State University, I retired in 2013. My work in all these areas required writing, whether composing reports or modeling the composition of stories or poems for children. These led to a natural transition to publishing books for children and writing memoirs of my teaching years.

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While working in the funeral business for 40 years I saw history die. The history of our small town was being lost. Most of the town elders were gone. I needed to do something about it. I researched the history of Bancroft, and was loaned many pictures. I talked to the remaining older residents to put together The History of Bancroft; A Pictorial History of a Town and its People.

An active member of the Friends of the University of Michigan Museum of Paleontology, I volunteer on area mastodon and mammoth digs, and enjoy short fossil hunting trips, bringing back fossils to share with children and tell of my adventures on these trips.                                        

I continue to write memoirs of my present day adventures and of my early life, in “Growing Up Sally.”

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Ranging from informative to children literature. I will have a book that will peak your interest. Click on the link for my book collection.