wooster the rooster

Wooster, the Rooster

Wooster was a pet rooster of the author, and she used real life adventures with him to build a fanciful tale of a loveable but naughty pet in this picture book.

The School House mouse
The Schoolhouse Mouse

All the children started screaming and yelling and jumping onto chairs, while the mouse ran around and around, trying to find a place to hide. He finally ran into a corner and hid behind a pile of alphabet blocks. He peeked out from is hiding place and saw the children and a teacher.

Whats under those leafs

What’s Under All Those Leaves?

A nonfiction picture book that shows what animals you might find on a walk in the autumn woods.

Tanners Turtle

Tanner’s Turtle  10.00

Tanner was a boy who found a painted turtle in a stream. Read what happened to the little turtle after he was put into a small wading pool for a brief time.

If I had a Dinosaur

If I Had a Dinosaur  15.00

            What would you do if you could have a dinosaur for a pet? Read what one girl imagined she could do. What would she feed it? Where would it sleep? A fun, imaginary tale.

danger on the cliffs

Danger on the Cliffs  8.00

A chapter book  for ages 8-12, the story follows the adventures of two boys, a friend, and the boys’ father as they head for a trip west. On the way they camp near the ruins of the site of ancient cliff dwelling Indians. As the boys investigate the site, they are caught up in the history and mysteries of the area.

The Good, The Oops, and the funny

The Good, The Oops, and the Funny; Events in the Life of a Teacher   

“But Mrs. Labadie, WHY are you retiring?” wailed Amber as she roughly back-bumped the heavy entrance doors and then ran down the sidewalk towards home. She never waited for an answer. I had explained to the students in March that I had been a teacher for 32 years, a principal for 5, and I was going to further other goals—to work with teacher interns at the university level, and to be a scientist doing volunteer paleontology.

It was gratifying that despite some wrinkles and a lot of silver hair, the kids didn’t see me as old. Sure, I collected fossils, but I wasn’t put in that category. To me, it was time to change, and to reflect on those past years.

Thankfully, Gertrude Crampton had required that we keep a journal of our student teaching experiences. Miss Crampton was my seminar instructor at Eastern Michigan University in 1962.  She was the author of a picture book, The Large and Growly Bear,” and a bear she was. She was large and had a quiet but growly demeanor. We had many discussions about our daily work, and I still have the journal with her smiley faces and comments.

Although I will admit that at times I didn’t keep up the journaling as much as I should have, it still followed me through those many years, and has given me many chuckles and some tears.

And to all my students―while your names may not be in print, you are within this book― in the activities, the learning, the fun, and most of all, the memories.

cover Bancroft History-1

The History of Bancroft; A Pictorial History of a Town and its People. 

This is a book that brings a dying town back to life. It includes many pictures and facts of the town’s beginning, its growth and decline. It includes the old towns of Fremont, Newburg, Shiawasseetown and Burns, all of which contributed to the founding of the village of Bancroft.

Cover And you thought I retired-1

And You Thought I Retired; Memoirs from Thirteen Years of Post-retirement Work at Michigan State University   

On the designated day for my interview at Michigan State it was raining fishhooks and hammerhandles. I had read the weather predictions ahead of time, and had bought a new raincoat and an umbrella. And did I need them! I parked the car, ran through the rain and puddles into the office to get a parking permit, ran back out, put it in the right spot on the windshield, and ran back into the building.  My feet and suit pants were wet, and I wasn’t sure how that would go over. I met with the team coordinator, and we had a nice conversation. She asked me if I wanted the ¼ time job as a field instructor. I said yes, but it was up to them, if they wanted ME. She said she would get back to me. Thankfully, she said nothing about the water that had dripped on her office floor.

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